Revenue Assurance Job Description

20 May

A firm’s top executives review expense and revenue processes to ensure that corporate profit levels are accurate in the short term and long term. Revenue assurance analysts help management ensure that these levels are correct.

  1. Responsibilities

    • A revenue assurance analyst reviews vendor charges and implements corrective measures to prevent error and fraud. He also coordinates bill disputes in accordance with corporate policies.


    • Employers require revenue assurance analysts to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or related fields.


    • A revenue assurance analyst must have good interpersonal and time management skills. She also must be able to meet critical deadlines.


    • According to the career information website, revenue assurance analysts earn a median annual salary of $69,000, as of 2010.

    Career Development

    • To improve his chances of advancement, a revenue analyst must perform well. He also can take continuing professional education courses on a regular basis.

    Working Conditions

    • A revenue assurance analyst works normal business hours, Monday through Friday, and often stays late at the office to meet business requirements.

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